Cause we all need a little distraction


on January 26, 2012

I love making crafts for people as presents.  I have found that it means a lot more to a person if you make something for them rather than buying something that may not be as personal.  And also, it helps to keep a little extra cash in your wallet!!  If you have never made something for someone before, you should try it out.  There are many great websites out there with tons of ideas on what you can make.  Here are just some ideas that might you might want to try out.

For Christmas, I made most of my presents.  There were a lot of people I wanted to give presents to and making the presents was more fun then trying to find something everyone would like at the store.  These presents were simple to make, but turned out to be a lot of fun.

Magnets are a great personal gift.  All you need is some pictures or colored paper, a 1in. hole punch, 1 in. circle resin epoxy drops, and magnets (either ones with sticky backs or ones to glue on).
I got the stock paper and hole punch from the craft store, the drops from Etsy, and magnets from the hardware store.
1. Punch out circles from card stock.
2. Peel off the drops and stick to the paper circles.
3. Glue or stick on the magnets to the back.

I also made bath salts and sugar scrubs.  With both of these, I got two dozen 1/2 pint jars from the store to put the salts and scrubs in.

I just measured out the amount of salts I would need for the number of jars I had to store them in and put in as much food coloring and fragrance as I thought I would need.  I did two different fragrances and colors for the salts.  One was purple with a lavender fragrance.  The other was pink with a Hawaiian Mist fragrance.

For the scrubs, I made both kinds.  For the cinnamon vanilla one, I just used a cinnamon vanilla oil instead of adding the vanilla extract.  One batch of this made about 4 jars.  For the brown sugar spice one, I didn’t make any changes to the ingredients and it made about 8 jars.


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