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Volunteer Craft Class

on February 2, 2012

About once a month I go to the day program at my mom’s office to do crafts with the adults there.  They have been an awesome group and have done very well with the crafts I have found for them to do.  I try to do a craft that has them follow directions a little more closely and then I do one that gives them the freedom to create something of their own.  Here are the crafts I‘ve done with them so far.

Painted Ornaments:  These are really simple to make!!  All you do is get clear, glass ornaments, some craft paints, and pour the paints into the ornaments.  You then swirl the ornament around to create a marbled effect and let the extra paint drain out.  These are great for Christmas and as other gifts as well.



Snow Flakes:  Before now, I would have never thought of using q-tips for crafts.  With these, make the q-tips into a shape of a snow flake, put tacky glue at all the points, sprinkle some glitter on the glue, and let it dry.  Just a fair warning.  Be very careful not to knock around the q-tips before you glue them.  They can move out of place pretty easily.




Sun Catchers:  This was one of the crafts where the adults could be creative with what they did.  I think my favorite was a heart that one punched out “I love you mom” on his sun catcher.  You really can do any sizes and shapes to make these.  I made one with three small stars, punched out different designs on them, and strung them together.  Just a fair warning, your fingers may get sore from punching out the holes.  Also, you can try using different sized nails to punch holes with.



Monkeys:  These turned out pretty cute!!  Now, I had a problem with my first monkey staying together.  I guess I didn’t let the tacky glue dry long enough before putting the ears and tail on.  So when you do this, leave the monkey down on the table as you attach the parts together.  Also, let the body dry for a couple of hours before attaching the ears and tail.  You just don’t want to move them around too much cause the glue won’t hold together.


2 responses to “Volunteer Craft Class

  1. Kelly says:

    Owww wow! Post more crafts as you come across them! I love doing crafts!!!!!

  2. I plan on posting every Thursday!! Next week, I’ll be doing the craft class with the group and we’re making V-day cards, V-day bandaids, and stringed hearts. I’m also making some really pretty hearts for friends and family that I will post.

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