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V-day Crafts

on February 9, 2012

Next Tuesday is the day of love and a day to show your love to that special someone.  Making a gift is a great way to show your love.

Today at the craft class, we made the classic V-day cards, V-day band-aids, and Stringed hearts.  Click the pictures to enlarge them.  Also, click the links to see where the original ideas came from.  This weekend, I’ll post some more ideas for gifts you can make.

V-day Cards: The classic card is a great gift to give and is the best way to use your imagination and creativity.  You can use any kind of paper you want and decorate your card with a wide variety of materials.  For my card, I used construction paper for the card, tissue paper for the heart, a V-day card, yarn, and glitter glue.  You can also use stickers, pipe cleaners, pompoms, ribbon, buttons, whatever you can find around the house.


Band-aids: This is a cute idea to give to people on V-day for them to wear.  Just use markers and stickers to decorate your band-aids and put cute little phrases on them.




Stringed Hearts: Kids who love to get dirty will love this craft!!  All you need to do is make the glue, cut some pieces of yarn up, and let the kids get messy!!  The hearts turn out really cool and would make a great gift.  I had to add more water to the starch then what the directions called for.  You just want to make sure the glue is thick, but not so thick that it’s like a paste.


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