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More V-day Crafts

on February 12, 2012

Here are some more V-day crafts for you guys!!  The first one I’ve already made, the second one I’m gonna make, and the links are some other ideas of what you can make.  Also, consider making your own chocolates.  There are kits that provide you with the molds, chocolate, candies, and other tools you need to make your own chocolates.  Happy Crafting!!

Puffy Hearts: With these little guys, I got different scrapbook paper and folded the paper in half so I could cut out equal shaped hearts.  After that, I sewed the hearts together, put some stuffing in them, and added a sticker to the front.  You can attach a string to them to make it an ornament, or you could attach a stick onto it to stick in with those flowers you’re getting your sweetheart!!

Stained glass hearts: Waxed paper+crayons+iron= sweet little crafted hearts (or any shape really)




Heart Strings





Wired Hearts


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