Cause we all need a little distraction


on February 21, 2012

Everyone has a fear of something.  You can’t tell me that you don’t, cause guess what?  You do.  Somewhere deep down in ya, you have some fear of something.  Some of the most common fears are: heights, public speaking, snakes, spiders, flying, thunder/lighting, the dark, small spaces, and dying.  There’s also some uncommon fears like: clowns, colors, long words, flowers, numbers, and letters.

No matter what your fear may be, just remember that everyone has them.  Don’t make fun of someone who is afraid of something.  Everyone has a fear and they have a right to be afraid of something, even if you think it’s stupid to be afraid of that thing.

So, what’s your biggest fear?  You can pick two fears.

My biggest fear is needles.  I don’t like getting shots.  I’m not afraid of the possibility that it might hurt, pain doesn’t really bother me.  I had to go through a lot of pain and soreness when I had braces, including a very painful shot of Novocaine up in the roof of my mouth.  No other shots (so far) have hurt as bad as that one.  For me, I just don’t like that the needle has to go into my skin.  I don’t like anything that goes into my skin.  It just creeps me out.  I cry just thinking too much about it.  I get anxious if I’m going to get a shot.  I’ll start crying when I get the shot.  And I’ll continue crying after the shot is all done.  I don’t even like watching anything on tv where something is crawling under the skin of someone.  I can’t explain where this fear comes from.  It has just always been there ever since I was a kid.

So, tell me.  What is your biggest fear?


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