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Happy V-day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day all you love bugs out there!!  Or maybe you’re a snuggle bunny.  Or a boy toy.  Why don’t you find out what you love nickname is with this little generator I made.  Post what your results are!!

My Love Nickname is Cutie Pie.
Take Love Nickname Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey‘s Name Generator Generator.

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More V-day Crafts

Here are some more V-day crafts for you guys!!  The first one I’ve already made, the second one I’m gonna make, and the links are some other ideas of what you can make.  Also, consider making your own chocolates.  There are kits that provide you with the molds, chocolate, candies, and other tools you need to make your own chocolates.  Happy Crafting!!

Puffy Hearts: With these little guys, I got different scrapbook paper and folded the paper in half so I could cut out equal shaped hearts.  After that, I sewed the hearts together, put some stuffing in them, and added a sticker to the front.  You can attach a string to them to make it an ornament, or you could attach a stick onto it to stick in with those flowers you’re getting your sweetheart!!

Stained glass hearts: Waxed paper+crayons+iron= sweet little crafted hearts (or any shape really)




Heart Strings





Wired Hearts

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12 Facts About Cats

1. It has been scientifically proven that owning cats is good for our health and can decrease the occurrence of high blood pressure and other illnesses.

2. A cat’s brain is biologically more similar to a human brain than it is to a dog’s. Both humans and cats have identical regions in their brains that are responsible for emotions.

3. Cats are some of the smartest animals and can interpret a human’s mood and feelings.

4. Cats, like humans, are either right or left handed.

5. Cats groom each other as a sign of affection and caring for each other. A cat will sometimes wash its favorite human’s hair because it’s demonstrating love and affection towards them.  *Pixie does this all the time to the boys.  She will sit and clean my dad’s hair for 20 minutes if she’s in a loveable mood.  For us girls, our hair is too long for her to clean without choking on it, so she’ll clean our faces.

6. When a cats rubs up against you, the cat is marking you with it’s scent claiming ownership.

7. The nose pad of a cat is ridged in a pattern that is unique, just like the fingerprint of a human.

8. Cats hate the water because their fur does not insulate well when it’s wet.

9. A cat has 32 muscles in each ear.


10. A falling cat will always right itself in a precise order. First the head will rotate, then the spine will twist and the rear legs will align, then the cat will arch its back to lessen the impact of the landing.

11. Purring does not always indicate that a cat is happy. Cats will also purr loudly when they are distressed or in pain.

12. Cats have over one hundred vocal sounds, while dogs only have about ten.










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V-day Crafts

Next Tuesday is the day of love and a day to show your love to that special someone.  Making a gift is a great way to show your love.

Today at the craft class, we made the classic V-day cards, V-day band-aids, and Stringed hearts.  Click the pictures to enlarge them.  Also, click the links to see where the original ideas came from.  This weekend, I’ll post some more ideas for gifts you can make.

V-day Cards: The classic card is a great gift to give and is the best way to use your imagination and creativity.  You can use any kind of paper you want and decorate your card with a wide variety of materials.  For my card, I used construction paper for the card, tissue paper for the heart, a V-day card, yarn, and glitter glue.  You can also use stickers, pipe cleaners, pompoms, ribbon, buttons, whatever you can find around the house.


Band-aids: This is a cute idea to give to people on V-day for them to wear.  Just use markers and stickers to decorate your band-aids and put cute little phrases on them.




Stringed Hearts: Kids who love to get dirty will love this craft!!  All you need to do is make the glue, cut some pieces of yarn up, and let the kids get messy!!  The hearts turn out really cool and would make a great gift.  I had to add more water to the starch then what the directions called for.  You just want to make sure the glue is thick, but not so thick that it’s like a paste.

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Silence, I Keel You!!

I have to say that laughter is one of the best things for us.  It makes you feel so much better when you have a good laugh.  Here’s a good laugh for you all to get you through the week.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you….Jeff Dunham with Walter, Peanut, and Achmed!!  And you probably don’t want the kids around when you watch these!!

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